Equipment Rentals and Leasing


At Reliant Action Ltd. we understand that it is not always practical to purchase and own all your safety equipment. Our rental program offers daily, weekly and monthly rates. Our rental stock includes: Gas detection monitors, ventilation equipment, confined space entry, retrieval & rescue equipment, breathing air systems and fall protection equipment.


Benefits to renting: Charge equipment to the job, no cost to ownership (storage & maintenance), top up existing safety fleet for larger projects as required, up-to-date equipment & technology, try before you buy.


Rental Brochure


Do you need a large injection of safety equipment for a big project, just starting a new company or maybe looking to leverage your capital budget?

Consider Leasing. Working with our Alliance Partner Companies (*APC) we can help set up a customized lease program that works for you.


Monthly, quarterly or annual payments over 3 – 5 years; one dollar buyout options. Whether you are a Contractor or Municipal customer, leasing is a great option to get all the equipment you need today.


Benefits of leasing your equipment: Get your equipment faster, increase buying power, conserve & control your cash flow, seasonal payment options, potential tax savings.